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NFC antenna design and online calculator

NFC antennas operate at low frequency (13.56Mhz) on small devices, usually a smartphone. An NFC antenna is not an antenna at all, it is really just a big inductor. Depending on the antenna size in the device, NFC antennas are often simply loops of wire, occupying as much area as the device allows. Depending on […]

standard resistor value table

American Electronics Industry Association defines a standard resistor value system (in fact, capacitors and inductors system here is applicable), the system is defined in the last century, at that time were still carbon film resistor technology, the precision is very low. To understand the resistance system, take 10% precision resistors, if the first resistance is […]

Unit Conversion For Resistor Capacitor And Inductor

Unit inductance is Henry (H), also commonly used millihenry (mH), microhenry (uH) or nanohenry(nH). 1H = 1000mH, 1mH = 1000uH, 1uH = 1000nH. Capacitor unit is Farads (F), also commonly microfarads (uF), nanofarad (nF) or picofarads (pF). 1F = 1000000uF, 1uF = 1000nF, 1nF = 1000pF. Resistance units is Ohm (Ohm / Ohm), also commonly […]